Summer Lip Trends 2016

Naked Cosmetics Pigments, Naked Makeup

Summer is almost here, Summer is almost here!  I keep repeating this mantra to myself every time it rains!  To console myself I look at what the upcoming trends are going to be.

This year BRIGHT LIPS are HOT!  Following the dark lips from late winter and spring, this is a happy, cheerful trend I am stoked to get behind.  And summer is the perfect time to color coordinate your lips with your favorite polka-dot-bikini!

Apply a bold shock of color to the lips and keep the remainder of the face simple, perhaps just some slight foundation (for an even complexion we recommend this one) and a coat of mascara.  Cara Delvigne rocked this look on the runway.

bright lips

Naked Cosmetic pigments are easy to apply and when used with the Lip Base, they will all day!


Will you rock one of these looks?  Tag us and show off your lippies with #nakedcosmetics.


summerlipcolors2016 copy


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