Use Naked Cosmetics and go Nude

Naked Cosmetics Pigments, Naked Makeup

Lately the trends rocking the runways, the red carpets and even the beaches has been all about the bold colors!  We love these looks and I don’t think the bold hues are going anywhere soon.  But sometimes an occasion (or a rough morning) calls for something more natural…more nude!

Nude colors are always chic, despite any trends, and look good on everyone!  Using Naked Cosmetic pigments we have a few suggestions for you to rock the Nude Makeup Look.

If you have fair skin, stick to pale pinks and soft yellows that will give just a hint of softness without standing out.  The Naturally Nude 01 (yellow) and the Desert Sunset 02 (pink) are perfect pigments for accentuating your eyes and cheeks!


NN01 copy

Naturally Nude 01

DE02 copy

Desert Sunset 02


If you have a medium skin tone then you’ll want to highlight your natural beauty with pigments that are warm but subtle, colors that help your eyes pop and cheek bones shine.  Naturally Nude 03 (neutral beige) or Blushing Bronze 04 (matte puce).


NN03 copy

Naturally Nude 03

BB04 copy

Blushing Bronze 04


Olive skin tones are full of warmth and radiance, you need a pigment that highlights that natural beauty!  Use pigments Blushing Bronze 05 (tawny) or Sierra Nevada 02 (soft yellow) for gorgeous, nude skin.

GoNUDEoliveskinBB05 copy

Blushing Bronze 05

SN02 copy

Sierra Nevada 02


Dark skin is strikingly gorgeous and doesn’t need much to help it glow.  Pigments like Cabernet Blush 05 and Urban Rustic 06 are perfectly complementary to the undertones that make dark skin so pretty.


CB05 copy

Cabernet Blush 05UR06 copy

Urban Rustic 06


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