The Scoop on Strobing

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What is strobing?  It’s certainly having its moment in the spotlight so what exactly is it and how do you do it?

Strobing is basically just a fancy word for highlighting. It uses the same idea as contouring: the eye is drawn to light, and therefore makes the face appear more defined. It is used to enhance, sculpt, and brighten for that sought after dewy, youthful look. As opposed to contouring, it gives an effortless natural glow that’s perfect for summer.


How to do it:

  1. Moisturizer is essential! You can’t get that dewy look with dull, dry skin as your base. Use our Naked Advanced Skin Cream to prep the skin.
  2. Choose the right highlighter for your skin tone.
  • Fair Skin: Use a highlighter with champagne tones. Try PC01, IV04, or RF01
  • Light/Medium Skin: Use a highlighter with pink tones. For a shimmery finish use SN02 or IV02. For a matte finish use JV01.
  • Olive Skin: Use a highlighter with golden tones like RF03, and RF04. For extra shimmer try NN01.
  • Dark Skin: Use a highlighter with terracotta tones. For a shimmery finish try PC03 or SN03 and for a matte look use JV04.
  1. Apply to the parts of your face that naturally catch light, such as the cheekbones, nose, inner corner of the eye, the brow bone, and your cupid’s bow. Warning: Do not overdo it or you could end up looking like a sweaty hot mess. There is fine line between glowing and just plain shiny.
  2. Blend, blend, and then blend some more! This step is very important so you don’t end up with stripes on your face. Use a beauty blender, fan brush, or even your fingers to blend any harsh lines.

**The swatches are in this order: PC01, IV04, RF01, IV02, JV01, SN02, NN01, RF03, RF04, PC03, SN03, JV04**

Right now you can buy any 1 single pigment and get a 2nd for free with code Summer16.

Strobing is perfect for special occasions as well as your everyday look. So get inspired, and get your glow on the Naked way!  Then tag us in your pictures and we’ll repost all of our favorites! #NakedCosmetics





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