The best 5 makeup looks

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There are trends and fads that we love and lose but there are also the staples, the go-to’s that we can always count on to make ourselves look our very best.  From our pro-team here are our 5 Favorite Makeup Looks.

  1. Matte Makeup – this flawless, gorgeous look has always been around.  Allowing your natural features to flourish and look fresh all day long.  Any of our Java or Naturally Nude pigments will enhance and beautify your skin.


2. Glowing & Youthful – This youthful, girl-next-door, look is always fashionable and perfect for Sunday dinners or weddings!  Easy to achieve with PC-01 for highlighter and NN-04 for blush.

glowing makeup

3. The Smoky Eye – lay on some heat this date night with the perfect smokey eye.  Using DB-05 across the lids and SN-06 in the crease and on the water line, you can seriously add some sizzle to your game.

smokey eye

4. Cat-Eye – what is considered Retro has actually always been a fashion hit.  There are lots of ways to personalize the cat eye technique and it couldn’t be simpler with a small angled makeup brush and DB-06 for a hint of mesmerizing sparkle.


5. Bright Lips – VaVaVoom!  There is no better way to fake a great makeup day or flaunt a pouty lip.  Some of my favorite pigments for a rockin’ good lippie include DE-04, UR-04, TI-02 or MN-03.

bright lips

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Makeup Monday – Oscar Edition

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Hollywood’s biggest night,  The Oscars!  The stars were out and they were slaying that red carpet.  Unfortunately, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t wear Shock Effect so I can’t do a whole post about him. (Congratulations Leo!!!)  So we will talk about the looks we CAN try to recreate.  Good thing for us is that lately, the trend is makeup that is great to wear every day, no matter the occasion.  Here are just some of the lovely ladies of the night.

Let’s start out with Sophie Turner.  She has such a gorgeous complexion and glow to her, and her dress was out of this world.  Her makeup was soft and went perfectly, it seems, with her personality.  For her look, use Twilight 03 on your eyes and Naturally Nude 04 with clear lip base on your lips.


Next we move on to Lady Gaga.  Can we just think back for a moment about the Lady Gaga who used to show up dressed in the most over the top ensembles?   She completely went from the “shock” factor to the “wow” factor.  And it. is. Amazing.  To recreate her look, use Naturally Nude 02 on your eyes.  On your lips, use Blushing Bronze 03 with a little bit of clear lip base.

Lady Gaga

Rachel McAdams matched her makeup to her dress.  To copy her look, use Ebony 03 and an angled liner brush.  Use the brush along the bottom lash line, and then along the top, blend out to create a beautiful emerald smokey eye.

Rachel McAdams2

Kerry Washington looked absolutely flawless last night.  She focused on her eyeliner, which you can use Sierra Nevada 06 with an angled liner brush.  Her eye shadow was very soft, and for that you can use Sierra Nevada 02.  She went with a nude lip, so you can use our clear lip base on its own, or with a little Naturally Nude 02.


Saoirse Ronan looked gorgeous!  Her dress was beautiful – it instantly reminded me of a mermaid.  Saoirse went with a smokey eye, and it had more of a matte look.  For this,use our eye primer to make the pigment more matte, along with Debonaire 05 and a little Debonaire 03 under the lower lash line.

Saoirse Ronan

Have you ever wondered “How do these stars have SUCH amazing skin?!”  Try out our Naked Advanced Skin Cream!  With healing manuka honey, it is the perfect key to be on your way to glowing skin!  You have all the tools you need, let’s see your red carpet ready looks!

Makeup Brush Must Haves

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Do you know how to use your makeup brushes?  Don’t be intimidated by the impressive number of sizes, shapes and styles of brushes out there.  We’re here to help you break down the must haves for all your eye makeup needs.


Do you need some makeup brushes to help you nail the latest makeup trends?  This is a great travel set that’s perfect for any beginner, or even a makeup pro!  The cruelty-free, soft fibers allow for a flawless application & they are easy to clean!  Win-Win!

Hot Trend: Dark Lips

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Have you noticed celebrities lately sporting dark, beautiful lips paired with simple makeup?  I love that this is currently trending because it’s not only glamorous on everyone, it’s so easy to do!


  1. Start with a natural, healthy lip base that has long-lasting staying power

  2. Then apply your favorite pigment color

  3. Press your lips together to blend evenly, blot, and voila – you are done!  Feeling more gorgeous already!



Here are a few of my favorite Naked Pigments that would be PERFECT for this dark, sultry look:  PC-06   UR-04   BB-06   CB-05   SN-05IMG_0604


“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” – Mean Girls

Naked Cosmetics Pigments

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Even better, with Naked Cosmetics Pigments, you can wear a different shade of pink every day!  Today, we are going to focus on LIPS.  With our clear lip base, you can mix it with any of our pigments to make your own lip color – or blend more than one color to make your very own unique color.  You can also always use any color for your eyes, cheeks, nails, or even a fun temporary highlight in your hair.  Our pinks range from very soft and subtle in Cotton Candy, to bright hot pink in Shock Effect.  So have fun and pick your pink!

You can go vibrant with Shock Effect and knock anyone’s socks off.


Choose something more subtle with Naturally Nude for the perfect pout.


Desert Sunset has just the right amount of sparkle to brighten your day.


Or try out Blushing Bronze with some gold undertones for a sweet look.


There are still so many others to choose from.  Which pink Naked Cosmetics pigment is your favorite?  I don’t think I can possibly choose just one!  Good thing individual pigments will be on sale during Black Friday!  Great time to stock up.  Now which colors to choose…


6 (gorgeous!) Shades of Autumn

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This past week I took some time to play with our Heavy Metal collection in more depth, and I have come to a realization: this is THE perfect collection to take you through fall (and winter!). Heavy Metal Collection

Each pigment has such variation from dry to wet and when used with eye primer, it is amazing.  For these swatches I did the same color in 3 applications – dry, with primer and wet.

Heavy Metal Collection display

There is this perfect stormy gray (HE-01) This color would be perfect in a smokey eye look, or to brighten up your gray winter days.

HE-01 Chelsea

This light gold (HE-02) reminds me of the beautiful leaves in the beginning of fall. It makes a gorgeous shadow with our eye primer! Use it wet for some extra drama!

HE-02 Chelsea

This color is the epitome of pumpkin spice (HE-03)! And I promise, no extra calories in this one! 😉 Now you can wear your pumpkin spice while drinking your PSL, if that’s your thing.

HE-03 Chelsea

This deep copper is another fun fall color (HE-04). It makes me think of apple cider and cinnamon. Used wet, this could create a really dramatic look.

HE-04 Chelsea

This purple is stunning! (HE-05) It would be really fun to be used as an eye liner, or use with our eye primer for a classic shadow.

HE-05 Chelsea

This blue has to be my favorite blue in our entire line. (HE-06) For some reason this screams “Elsa” at me. It would be an amazing eye liner, incredibly dramatic wet, or a fabulous nail polish! Do you want to build a snowman?

HE-06 Chelsea

What is your favorite pigment in Heavy Metal? What is your favorite way to wear it? Comment and let us know!!

New Pigment Collection – Painted Canyon


Just in time for Fall Makeup, Naked Cosmetics has come out with a new Pigment Collection – Painted Canyon.


This dual-tone collection offers 6 high pigment tones with beautiful payoff.

Naked Cosmetic pigments are the ideal pigment for your makeup kit or everyday makeup up use because of their vast versatility.  Each pigment will have a different look when applied 1 of 3 different ways – it’s a 3-in-1 color so getting the collection of 6 is like getting 18 colors!  Check out PC-02 swatches…

Left is applied dry; Middle is applied with our natural eye base; Right is applied wet

pc-02 swatch

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