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Summer is officially here! For many of us that means it’s finally time for a vacation! So when it comes to your makeup, the question is what do I bring and what do I leave behind? Here are some tips and a look inside our makeup bag.


6 (gorgeous!) Shades of Autumn

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This past week I took some time to play with our Heavy Metal collection in more depth, and I have come to a realization: this is THE perfect collection to take you through fall (and winter!). Heavy Metal Collection

Each pigment has such variation from dry to wet and when used with eye primer, it is amazing.  For these swatches I did the same color in 3 applications – dry, with primer and wet.

Heavy Metal Collection display

There is this perfect stormy gray (HE-01) This color would be perfect in a smokey eye look, or to brighten up your gray winter days.

HE-01 Chelsea

This light gold (HE-02) reminds me of the beautiful leaves in the beginning of fall. It makes a gorgeous shadow with our eye primer! Use it wet for some extra drama!

HE-02 Chelsea

This color is the epitome of pumpkin spice (HE-03)! And I promise, no extra calories in this one! 😉 Now you can wear your pumpkin spice while drinking your PSL, if that’s your thing.

HE-03 Chelsea

This deep copper is another fun fall color (HE-04). It makes me think of apple cider and cinnamon. Used wet, this could create a really dramatic look.

HE-04 Chelsea

This purple is stunning! (HE-05) It would be really fun to be used as an eye liner, or use with our eye primer for a classic shadow.

HE-05 Chelsea

This blue has to be my favorite blue in our entire line. (HE-06) For some reason this screams “Elsa” at me. It would be an amazing eye liner, incredibly dramatic wet, or a fabulous nail polish! Do you want to build a snowman?

HE-06 Chelsea

What is your favorite pigment in Heavy Metal? What is your favorite way to wear it? Comment and let us know!!

New Pigment Collection – Painted Canyon


Just in time for Fall Makeup, Naked Cosmetics has come out with a new Pigment Collection – Painted Canyon.


This dual-tone collection offers 6 high pigment tones with beautiful payoff.

Naked Cosmetic pigments are the ideal pigment for your makeup kit or everyday makeup up use because of their vast versatility.  Each pigment will have a different look when applied 1 of 3 different ways – it’s a 3-in-1 color so getting the collection of 6 is like getting 18 colors!  Check out PC-02 swatches…

Left is applied dry; Middle is applied with our natural eye base; Right is applied wet

pc-02 swatch

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Makeup Monday – Emmy Edition

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Last night’s Emmy’s were full of glitz and glamour. I always look forward to award shows. Although I think I enjoy the red carpet more than the show itself. I love to see what everyone is wearing and how they are going to do their makeup. It’s always fun trying to re-create the stars’ looks, and Naked Cosmetics has such a wide variety, it’s almost impossible to find a look you can’t mimic! Here are my top 3 favorite makeup looks from last night. 

Laura Prepon


 Laura has always been gorgeous. Her look has changed so much since she has gone with darker locks, and her look last night was incredible. Her eyes were so dramatic, which was a beautiful contrast with the nude lip. For the lips, BB-03 mixed with our clear lip gloss does a great job. Our Sierra Nevada collection would be perfect to recreate her eye look with! Use SN-04 on the lid, SN-02 in the crease, and SN-06 as your eyeliner. TONS of mascara or false lashes, and voila! You’ve created Laura’s look!


Sarah Hyland


 Sarah has really grown into such a beautiful young woman over the last few years. She is always on point with the latest trends, and last night was no exception. Her skin was glowing, her hair was gorgeous, and her dress was AMAZING! She kept her makeup simple and stunning. To recreate, simply use CC-01 on the lids, CC-02 on the crease, and NN-04 with clear lip gloss for the lips.  


Taraji P Henson


 Taraji absolutely slayed the Emmy’s. Her hair, her dress, her makeup. Gorgeous! We can all TRY to recreate her look, and to do that, use NN-03 on your lips and NN-06 on your eyes. Then start piling on the mascara. Better yet, use some falsies. 

 Now go on, find an award show and strut your stuff!  But first tell us who had yiur favorite makeup look last night?! Leave a comment here or join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.